Our Services: Tints and Coating

Scratch Resistant CoatingScratch-resistant coating:
The plastic lens material is relatively soft and is easily scratched if it is not coated with scratch-resistant material. Even with scratch-resistant coating, your lenses can become scratched through normal use over time. The coating material is a much harder plastic compound that is applied to the lens, but it too can be scratched. Once scratched, a lens cannot be repaired or "buffed" free of the scratch. We will remake the lens one (1) time within the year (from the date of purchase) at no charge to patient.

Ultraviolet Protection Coating UVUltraviolet protection (UV) Coating:
The sun radiates ultraviolet waves, which are extremely damaging to the human eye and skin. Lenses with ultraviolet protection prevent the harmful UV radiation from touching your eyes. Polycarbonate is photo chromic, and polarized lenses all automatically contain UV protection. The only way to check UV coating is by a UV calibration machine, There is no color to the UV coating.

Anit Reflective Coating ARAnti-Reflective (AR) Coating:
Anti-reflective coating is very highly recommended for people using the computer a lot, driving at night, and having trouble with glare daily. AR-coated lenses prevents the reflections that cause eye strain and fatigue. It also creates clear vision by helping light enter your eye instead of reflection off your lenses. Fluorescent lighting and light emanating from computer and TV screens can affect concentration at work. By using the AR coating it helps cut reflections from computer and TV screens.

It reduces eyestrain and fatigue and makes clearer more comfortable vision. AR coating provides the toughest scratch resistance available. Unfortunately all lenses can scratch, but we provide a one (1) year, one (1) time replacement on new lenses at no charge. This coating virtually eliminates reflection from headlights, taillights, and other light sources at night.

Professional optics carries offers a wide variety of anti-reflective coatings to fit your need, including Crizal.