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Raj K. Singla, M.D. and a team of 20 well qualified personel are motivated to provide complete eye services to our customers not only from Port Arthur and Beaumont but 60 miles radius. With the help of electronic medical records, we are able to communicate better with our patients and with their primary care physicians. By accepting almost all insurance carriers and have financing available, we try to fulfill the needs of every customer.

We are glad you are here. Please take your time, make yourself at home, browse through our site and allow us to share with you what we do.

The gift of sight is a priceless possession that needs protection throughout our lives. Without functional sight, life as most of us know it, becomes compromised. Dr. Singla and the staff at Physician’s Eye and Medical Center experience daily the intricacies of what lets us see. Having an eye exam is not as simple as just getting glasses or contact lenses. There are many factors that become involved. For example: diabetes is the number one cause of blindness in the United States, Glaucoma is the second and both are hereditary. Age related macula degeneration and cataracts as well as many other problems create visual impairment. The importance of quality care, treatment and prevention are core to our facility. Technology is updated constantly allowing patients to benefit from earlier detection of potential problems. Through early detection there is a better chance to preserve sight and therefore quality of life through optimal vision.

Physicians Eye Center takes care of all vision needs. Vision, Medical , Surgical Eye Services.

Our site will allow you to get to know our doctors, what our facility has to offer and give you information on various diseases that can be detected through eye examinations. Encourage your loved ones to have routines eye exams. Keep the windows to the world wide open.

Physician’s Eye and Medical Center’s inception was in the mid 1970’s when Dr. Singla opened a practice in the Adams building in Port Arthur. Approximately ten years laser he began looking for a larger facility to meet the growing needs of his practice. The location he settled on is the current location at 3000 39th Street in Port Arthur, Texas.

During these years, Dr. Singla treated area residents for their ophthalmic needs in his office and at the local hospitals for surgeries such as cataracts. In 2000 he started a new endeavor when he became affiliated with the Southeast Texas Laser Eye Institute (Vision Correction Center) and began performing vision correction surgery.

In 2003, Physician’s Eye and Medical Center gained a satellite office at 3385 Laurel Avenue, Suite 101, Beaumont, Texas. At this location the doctors are able to see patients without our Beaumont residents having to travel to Port Arthur.

*DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this site is not intended as a substitute for actual diagnosing and medical care.