Custom Cataract Surgery

When it comes to cataract surgery and lens implantation, our goal is to help you make a more informed decision on which cataract options are best suited for your needs. Your lifestyle and the role your eyes play in the activities you enjoy most will play an important role in helping us customize a cataract surgery plan that is tailor made to fit your needs. Please be sure to ask one of our surgeons or staff members about your cataract options or for additional information if necessary.

Most patients don’t realize that cataract development can begin as early as age 40. By the time we’re 50, some of us already have measurable deficiencies in our vision due to cataracts.

Cataracts are simply a natural part of the aging process that is taking place inside your eye. It’s a gradual clouding of the normally clear natural lens of the eye. Although barely noticeable in its early stages, over time, this clouding process makes your vision less sharp, reducing your contrast and making activities like night driving and reading more difficult.

Fortunately, modern-day cataract removal and lens implantation is one of the safest, most common – AND MOST SUCCESSFUL – surgical procedures performed today. In the past, cataract patients were forced to wear reading glasses and/or bifocals after their procedure. Today, our new lens implants are designed to reduce – and in some cases – eliminate your dependence on corrective eyewear after cataract surgery.

Astigmatism Management

The vast majority of patients having cataract surgery also have a certain level of astigmatism. We’re proud to now offer an array of Astigmatism Management procedures that can be performed at the same time as your procedure, including the Toric Lens Implant and Limbal Relaxing Incisions. These lenses and surgical techniques are designed to reduce or eliminate prescription glasses for distance vision activities like driving, playing golf, watching television or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Singla Eye Institute can also provide you a broader range of vision through a surgical technique known as mono-vision. This is similar to wearing one contact lens for distance and wearing another contact lens for intermediate and closer vision. This is not ideal for all patients and works best for those patients who have previously worn mono-vision contact lenses.

Breakthrough in Cataract Lens Implant

For patients who are experiencing difficulty driving at night, we also offer a Night Vision package. This includes a special monofocal aspheric lens implant that is specially designed to improve your night vision and contrast. It also includes additional testing and measurements to help you achieve the best possible night vision.

Our multi-focal lens implants give you the opportunity to experience the very latest advances in cataract care and technology. They are designed to a broader, less restricted range of vision for NEAR, INTERMEDIATE and DISTANCE. During the first 12 months following your procedure, we will do everything in our ability to help you achieve VISUAL FREEDOM from all prescription eyewear, including LASIK laser vision correction if necessary.

Your cataract procedure will most likely be performed in the comfort, safety and convenience of our outpatient surgery center dedicated entirely to eye surgery. By having your cataract procedure performed in our dedicated ASC, you’re not only enjoying personal savings when compared to hospital-based cataract surgery, but you’re also helping reduce costs for Medicare and the insurance industry.
A surgical counselor will go over the benefits and costs of these lenses with you and help you make a final decision about your vision.

At Singla Eye Institue, these exciting breakthroughs in cataract removal and lens implantation are allowing cataract patients to enjoy the vision of their youth. With the ability to ‘upgrade’ your vision for a nominal fee with our Medicare-approved lenses, it is now possible to improve your near vision, intermediate vision and distance vision with little or no dependence on prescription glasses after surgery.

Surgeons at Singla Eye Institute have been specializing in cataract removal and lens implantation for decades. There’s never been a better time for cataract patients than right now. Singla Eye Institute now has the capability to give patients a better quality of vision – and a broader range of vision – than ever before. This makes it a very exciting time for cataract patients and for cataract surgeons as well”

If you’re experiencing changes in your vision – or have been diagnosed with a cataract – please call our office today to schedule your cataract evaluation. You do not need a referral from your optometrist or another doctor.