Our Services: Rx Lenses

Our opticians takes pride in helping every customer to select the appropriate eye wear suitable towards their needs and budget. We specialize in the most recent advanced lens technology from the freeform/digital single vision lenses, to the most advanced Digital Varilux S series progressive lenses. We offer a variety of premium products at even the most valued prices. We look forward to you scheduling your eyewear fitting today!

Customer Satisfaction and the timely delivery of your product is our goal.

The original lens material-rigid, scratch resistant, and very heavy in weight.

Approximately 50% lighter in weight then glass in same power prescriptions, may be coated to improve scratch resistance, can be tinted to doctor’s request.

Polycarbonate is the lightest material available. The most impact resistant, strongest, and safe material, Coated to improve scratch resistance. Absorbs 99% of ultraviolet light, 25% thinner, and 35% lighter than plastic. Recommended for children or industrial safety use.

Hi-Index 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74 with Higher Index Specialty Lenses:
Thinnest lens material available. Designed to minimize thickness and improve cosmetic effect of the glasses. Scratch resistant coating and UV protection provided.

Aspheric Design Hi-Index for Plus Lenses:
Light and thinner than plastic. Aspheric design for better optics. Eye magnification reduced on farsighted correction. Also, eye miniaturization reduced on nearsighted corrections. Scratch resistant coated, UV protection included in lens material.

MultiFocal Lenses:
We carry a wide variety of multifocal lenses from a wide range of manufacture’s. We supply the best quality multi-focal lens that is required for your prescription.

Progressive Lenses: We carry a wide variety of progressive lenses from a wide range of manufacture’s. All progressive lenses have to be fit according to your prescription and your frame style. These lenses allow  you to see in all areas, unlike old bifocal designs. Progressive lenses are truly superior, but like all lenses, you must learn to use them properly. We carry all Varilux and more.